Xuzhou Luxwarm Sauna Equipment Co.,Ltd. is an integrated high-tech industry which specialized in the Far Infrared Sauna Rooms, Traditional Sauna Rooms, Bio-Spectrum Energy series, Infrared Foot Sauna in China.

We produce sauna products from the very beginning, wood processing, cabinet making, heating modules assembling and testing etc. are all made by ourselves.

Today’s Luxwarm infrared saunas take advantages of modern technology and design, but are still inspired by the original, honest expression of the Finnish roots.


Product advantages

  • 1

    Sweating in low temperature aerobic sauna

    Hyperthermia prevents and raises body temperature in combination with whole body aerobic exercise, and carries out cell exercise under the condition of sufficient oxygen.

  • 2

    The light of life delays aging

    The dual-absorption imitation infrared is called the "light of life", which can resonate with cells, promote metabolism, eliminate toxins, and delay aging.

  • 3

    Intelligent system health

    The computer micro-control system is adopted, and the temperature is adjustable from 18 to 65 degrees, which is safe and reliable, creating the best conditions for physical health and enjoying the natural comfort of the whole body.

  • 4

    Energy saving and environmental protection

    The most stable carbon element in nature is selected as the heating material, and the electricity conversion efficiency is high, escorting your safety and health.

  • 5

    Easy to install and full service

    One-piece assembly and 6-piece assembly make assembly simple and flexible. 24-hour full service tracking guidance, more convenient, more efficient, and more worry-free.

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